February 2013

- Isthar has decided to stop the cooperation with Metal Sound Booking Agency. From now on bookings can be made directly with the band (contact@isthar.info). We thank the Metal Sound crew and wish them and their bands all the best.

September 2012

- New live show added to the Agenda!

Negura Bunget Staddijk Nijmegen 200113

May 2012

- New live video from the Metal Sound Fest 2012 added to the Media page. Film by WidoK Productions.

April 2012

- Great pictures from the Metal Sound Fest 2012 taken by Sebastiaan Fisscher are online. See them here.

March 2012

- New t-shirt available! Be the first to buy one at the Metal Sound Fest on the 31th of March. Strictly limited to 30 t-shirts.
Isthar-Victoria Aut Mors-Shirt
- Merchandise page finally online!
- Join us at Facebook! There is more activity at the moment!
- Audio (MP3) files added to the Audio page. These files are full length tracks from our latest EP. We welcome you to listen to or download them.

February 2012

- New gig added to the Agenda!
- New promotional pictures added to the Media page.

Isthar promo 01 2012

January 2012

- New site online! Updates (mp3 files, more pictures and merchandise) will follow soon!
- Since January this year Isthar can be booked through Metal Sound Booking Agency. Visit www.metalsound.nl for more info.